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Quality Process

Procurement: Fresh paddy ,maize ,wheat ,pulse ,gram etc... is sourced directly from state farmers . Kumud Food & Beverage Pvt. Ltd. has highly trained dedicated procurement team for all types of raw material. Raw material received from individual producer is checked for all basic quality parameters meeting company specifications & requirements at respective collection centres and then quality product is released for FOOD PARK ONE® .

Hygiene: We maintain highest level hygiene requirements for production and handling of safe products for our valued customers and consumers.

Processing: Our products are manufactured in state of the art Japanese Technologies. The raw material received at the plant undergoes various processing steps before it reaches to the customer. Process steps include drying ,cleaning ,destoning ,filtration, clarification, cooling ,milling ,grading ,weighing , filling, packing and storage.

Packing: The Filling and packing is considered to be most sensitive operation having appropriate access control. we are using well known brand in packing section to meet the demand, time and quality.

Product Testing: Finished product is tested for the specified quality parameters of each product category as per company IV& test procedure. Test results are recorded, reviewed by Quality functions.

Release & Distribution: After all the above processes only good quality product is released for dispatch and reaches our valued customer & consumer.

Merchandizing: Our products are marketed through a our chain retail outlets and other shops maintaining company standards.